Myths and Truths about Skagit Valley Masters Swimming

Myth #1
"Masters is a competitive team. I don't want to compete."
Truth #1
Most Masters swimmers don't compete. Meets are totally optional (but loads of fun!).

Myth #2
"Those guys are serious swimmers! I can't keep up!"
Truth #2
Workouts are tailored to the individual. We welcome all abilities.

Myth #3
"I'm too old for this stuff!"
Truth #3
The oldest Masters swimmer I know is 93 years old. Are you older than that?

Myth #4
"Practices are WAY too early!"
Truth #4
We have morning and occasional evening practices to please both the early birds AND those who like to sleep in.

Myth #5
"It's too expensive."
Truth #5
Pool access is free to all YMCA members and there are no Skagit Valley Masters team dues. The only mandatory fee is membership in the National organization (US Masters Swimming), which covers liability insurance and both the National (Swimmer Magazine) and the local (The Wetset) newsletters (about $50/yr).

Myth #6
"I can't even swim a lap! How in the world will I fit in with a Masters group?"
Truth #6
That's what practices are for! We welcome all levels. Come take advantage of the free coaching.

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